The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth’s vision is to help create a society that respects the dignity and human rights of children through a justice system that operates with consideration of the child’s age, provides youth with opportunities to return to community, and bars the imposition of life without parole for people under age 18.

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The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth is a national coalition and clearinghouse that leads, coordinates, develops and supports efforts to implement fair and age-appropriate sentences for youth, with a focus on abolishing life without parole sentences for youth. We provide technical assistance on strategic communications, litigation and advocacy  to attorneys, advocates, organizers and others working at the state and federal levels. In addition, we engage in public education and communications efforts to provide decision-makers and the broader public with the facts, stories and research that will help them to fully understand the impacts of these sentences upon individuals, families and communities.

We also work to build a national coalition that supports age-appropriate alternatives to life without parole sentences for children. We convene organizations and individuals working on these issues. Because advocates, litigators, family members of incarcerated youth and family members of victims often do not have relationships with each other, we bring representatives from these diverse groups together to discuss advocacy, community organizing and public education strategies. We coordinate calls and gatherings among people working on these issues and also bring partners together each year for a multi-day gathering, during which we discuss the status of our shared movement and chart plans for the future.

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