Join us in the effort to ensure that we hold children accountable for the harm they have caused in ways that reflect their unique status as children and their capacity to change. Here are some ways to get involved:


Add your name to the map and join hundreds of other advocates in announcing that you believe in fair sentencing .  You can also see how many people are serving in your state.

More than 100 law enforcement, social justice, faith-based and child protection organizations have signed on as official supporters of our Statement of Principles and your organization can join them. Official supporters receive regular news and updates from the Campaign, are listed on our website and outreach literature, and may be contacted by the Campaign to help advance federal state-specific reform efforts.  Please email us if your organization would like to become an official supporter or if you would like additional information.

Every donation helps to advance our efforts to end the practice of sentencing children to die in prison.

The Campaign holds silent and online auctions annually to support our work. We welcome donations — please reach out to James Puzo at

  • Get involved with advocacy

We depend on people like you to mobilize support and bring about change at the state level. If you want to get involved in your state, contact us and we will put you in contact with your state-based campaign coordinator.

  • Connect with other family members

Do you have a loved one who is serving a life without parole sentence for a crime committed when they were under the age of 18, or are you a family member of a person who died as a result of youth violence? If so, please contact Greg Hamilton at 202-289-4677 or for information about the National Family Network and activities in your state.

  • Stay informed

You can sign up for our email updates to receive national and state action alerts and stay connected with our work by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Share your story

If you are a person currently serving or formerly incarcerated, have lost a loved one to youth violence, or have another personal connection to life without parole for youth, we may be interested in sharing your story. Circulating stories helps to humanize the human face of life without parole for kids and show widespread support for just reform.  So that we can get to know you a little better, please begin by writing a summary of your connection to the issue through our Contact Us page.

  • Join other former prosecutors and judges

If you are a former prosecutor or judge, support fair sentencing of youth by signing a statement opposing life without parole sentences for youth. Email to learn more.