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Xavier McElrath-Bey at the 2017 Starbucks Annual Shareholders Meeting

Youth Justice Advocate and ICAN member Xavier McElrath-Bey and ICAN members Mario Taylor, Sara Kruzan, Marcus Dixon, and Traci Rutherford Testify at a Nevada Hearing

Added May 22, 2015

Chance for Change, featuring Xavier, Dolphy, and Vance, by TakePart media

Added August 13, 2014
Chance Event Changes Cindy Sanford’s View on Life without Parole for Children

Added May 1, 2014
Esi and Her Son Ralph, Who Was Sentenced to Die in Prison

Added May 1, 2014
Prosecutor’s Class with Inmates Teaches Him about Incarcerated Youth

Added April 30, 2014
No Child Is Born Bad: Xavier McElrath-Bey At TEDxNorthwesternU 2014

Added April 28, 2014
Sara Kruzan Talks About Serving Life Without Parole

Added April 25, 2014
Chance for Change: Dolphy’s Story | | TakePart TV

Added May 31, 2013
Chance for Change: Xavier’s Story | TakePart TV

How Long is Forever: Fair Sentencing of Youth | SNITCH | Participant Media

Added March 13, 2013
A Path For Hope: Ending Juvenile Life Without Parole | TakePart TV

Added February 4, 2013
Standing Together to End Death in Prison for Children

Join the movement to end life without parole sentences for youth

Sara Kruzan Sentenced to Life Without Parole at Age 16

God Cries When We Sentence Youth to Die in Prison

Added February 1. 2013