James Dold | jdold@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Advocacy Director & Chief Strategy Officer

Jody Kent Lavy | jkent@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Executive Director

Nikola Nable-Juris |nnablejuris@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Senior Policy Counsel

Xavier McElrath-Bey | xmcelrathbey@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Senior Advisor & National Advocate

James Puzo | jpuzo@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Director of Operations & Special Projects

Heather Renwick  | hrenwick@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Legal Director

James D. Ross II | jross@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Director of Outreach and Engagement

Matthew Gritzmacher | mgritzmacher@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Program Assistant

Greg Hamilton | ghamilton@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Outreach Coordinator

Rebecca Turner | rturner@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Montgomery Implementation Coordinator

Megan Buchanan | mbuchanan@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Program Assistant

Eric Alexander |ealexander@fairsentencingofyouth.org
Youth Justice Advocate