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State by State Materials

Criteria for Review in Bills by State

Legislative Testimony

Florida HB 23
House Committee Hearing
February, 2010

Linda Tomlinson
Sylvia Manning
Kenneth Young

Federal Bill, HR 2289
June 9, 2009

Linda White
Anita Colon
Mark Osler
Marc Mauer
James Fox
Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

JJAIA 2007

Raphael B. Johnson (formerly incarcerated)

HR 2289

Mark Osler

HR 4300 (2008)

Bryan Stevenson

Richard Dudley


Louisiana grassroots lobbying packet

Questionnaires to inmates and citizens

HRW inmate survey
Cover letter inmate survey

Louisiana questionnaire to JLWOP inmates
Louisiana, Citizens for Second Chances information sheet

Michigan, education questionnaire to JLWOP inmates

Sample legislative support letters

Step-by-step guide to writing your representative
Louisiana, packet of support letters for HB 715
Louisiana Support Letter for SB 494
Template support letter for federal bill, HR 2289
RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights support letter for SB 399
Pennsylvania Bar Association support letter
CFSY support letter for LB 202 and 203
American Probation and Parole Association support letter for LB 202 and 203
Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators support letter for LB 202 and 203
National Partnership for Juvenile Services support letter for LB 202 and 203

From organizations:

California, SB 399
Florida, HB 23

From individuals:

California, SB 399

Faith perspective:

California, SB 399

California, SB 9 (unlikely ally)

State Factsheets


Human Rights Advocacy Tools

“A Practitioner’s Guide to Human Rights Monitoring, Documentation and Advocacy”