“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Hometown: Washington, DC

Education: M.J. from UC Berkeley, B.A. from Georgetown


Karmah joined the CFSY team in April 2017 and serves as Communications Director. In this role, Karmah helms much of our public-facing work, from coordinating social media and public education efforts, to writing press releases, to liaising with reporters and filmmakers who lift up our messages in the media.

A Washington, DC native, Karmah initially worked in a series of editorial positions, including among others at the Washington Post Express. An earlier internship at Mother Jones, however, planted the seeds of advocacy and criminal justice reform, and over time, Karmah decided to shift gears away from journalism.

“I felt like reporting on these issues was a less effective instrument of change than working from an advocacy direction.”

No stranger to working on behalf of the marginalized, Karmah wrote her Master’s thesis on the transgender community in Oakland, CA, and comes to the CFSY most immediately from the Institute of Middle East Understanding, a communications firm that advocates for Palestinian human rights in media.

When not at work, Karmah enjoys cooking, running, and reading, and laments that her hobbies aren’t more interesting for a staff bio. She is, however, a frequent patron of the DC music scene (“I’m admittedly kind of a pop culture junkie,”) and had early aspirations of being a food writer, but instead just spends too much money trying new restaurants.