Do you want to let the world know that you believe in fair sentencing and want to see reform in the ways we hold children accountable when they commit serious crimes?

Then add your voice here! Just enter your information and we’ll add a red dot and your first name to the map in your state. Let’s demonstrate that we are standing up for fair sentencing.

While you’re looking around, you also can get an idea of the magnitude of the issue. The green on the map represents the number of people serving life without the possibility of parole for a crime committed as a child in each state. The darker the green, the greater the number of people serving the sentence in that state.

Click your state to learn more. Then add yourself to the map to stand up for fair sentencing.

The green on the map demonstrates how many people are serving sentences of life without parole for crimes committed as children. The darker the green, the more people serving these death-in-prison sentences in that state. The red dots represent Americans standing up for fair sentencing of youth.

Click your state to learn more. Then add yourself to the map as a voice for fair sentencing.

Thank you for Standing Up for Fair Sentencing of Youth.

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