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Five ways to support our work | As we celebrate five years of progress, here are five ways you can get involved:

Make a donation
Every donation helps to advance our efforts to end the practice of sentencing children to die in prison. Please consider making a recurring contribution or giving a one-time gift.

Get involved with advocacy
We depend on people like you to mobilize support and bring about change at the state level. To get involved in your state, contact us and we will put you in contact with your state-based campaign coordinator.

Share information about our movement
You can encourage others to sign up for our email updates to receive national and state action alerts and stay connected with our work by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Help us raise awareness about this organization by hosting a house party
We would love to connect to others in your network. Please consider hosting your friends and colleagues for an event where they can learn more about the CFSY and support our work to end life-without-parole sentences for children.

Sign up on our Fair Sentencing of Youth map
Let the world know that you believe in fair sentencing and want to see reform in the ways we hold children accountable when they commit serious crimes by adding your name to our map. Just enter your information and we’ll add a red dot and your first name to the map in your state. You can also learn more about the issue when you visit the map.