Anyone who has raised children or who was once a child himself knows kids make mistakes.  These mistakes are usually small but occasionally a child really messes up and commits a serious crime.

Most kids have an incredible capacity to learn from their mistakes and outgrow immature behaviors and youthful indiscretions.  So it is unfathomable that we treat kids as adults in our criminal justice system and sentence them to die in prison with no opportunity for release.

The CFSY has worked tirelessly over the past five years to expose the injustice of sentencing thousands of children to die in prison.  CFSY has made progress convincing courts and lawmakers that harsh sentences for kids must be reconsidered.

The Campaign successfully touches the hearts and minds of policymakers and laypeople alike with the message that “kids are different” and they should not be punished like adults.  It is extremely gratifying to serve on the board of the Campaign and to support CFSY’s good work.

David Eppler
Chairman, CFSY Board of Directors