The American Bar Association has named Nadine Pequeneza’s film “15 to Life” as a finalist for a 2015 Silver Gavel Award for Media and the Arts. The CFSY has partnered with Nadine to host film screenings and to ensure the film is seen as widely as possible.

“15 to Life” chronicles the story of Kenneth Young, who at 15 was sentenced in Florida to life without parole when he was convicted of participating in a string of hotel robberies with his mother’s crack dealer, who was both older than Kenneth and coerced his participation. Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Graham v. Florida decision, which found that it is unconstitutional to sentence children who have committed non-homicides to life without parole, Kenneth was entitled to reconsideration. Despite his evidence of childhood trauma, growth, and rehabilitation, Kenneth was resentenced, but again to an extremely long prison term. His legal case is ongoing.

“15 to Life” premiered on PBS and has been shown in dozens of screenings throughout the country. The film highlights many failings of the juvenile and criminal justice systems and the ways in which children are punished. It also points to the U.S. Supreme Court’s continued scaling back of the imposition of the most extreme punishments upon children.

The American Bar Association, the country’s foremost legal membership organization representing nearly 400,000 prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, and other lawyers, has called for an end to life-without-parole sentences for children and urged meaningful, periodic opportunities for relief.

The American Bar Association annually presents the Silver Gavel Awards to recognize work in media and the arts published or presented during the preceding year that have been exemplary in helping to foster the American public’s understanding of law and the legal system. Awards are given in nine categories.

Other notable nominees for the 2015 award are the podcast “Serial: Season One” and Nell Bernstein’s book “Burning Down the House.”

Award winners will be announced in May.

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